The team idea is coming along well, and with the week 8 readings, we have made a few more research discoveries!

Humphrey 1 says:

[The use of online websites] seems to require that citizens give up some rights – for security or for convenience.

To add to the whole discussion on online security privacy and the Ashley Madison Scandal, we will also talk about:

  1. How certain individual rights may be compromised for convenience.
  2. The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) as a tool for sites use to authorise this, skirt responsibility to their users and ‘avoid’ their duty of care ‘lawfully’…

Humphreys, Sal. (2013). Predicting, Securing and Shaping the Future: Mechanisms of Governance in Online Social Environments. International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 9(3), 247-258.


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